• How Can an Estate Attorney Help You?

    Estate planning is an essential process for ensuring that your heirs are provided for and that your wishes are carried out. It’s advisable to seek the counsel of a family lawyer serving Wichita for legal guidance regarding estate planning. An estate lawyer can help you learn of strategies for minimizing the tax burden on your heirs, for example. Your family lawyer can also make arrangements for your care later in your life in the event that you become incapacitated. By working with a family lawyer with experience in estate planning, you can establish an advance directive or revocable living trust.

    For more information about the ways in which a family lawyer can help you build a secure financial future, watch this video. This financial advisor also explains what to watch out for when considering trusts.

  • What Are the Benefits of Working with an Estate Attorney?

    What Are the Benefits of Working with an Estate Attorney?

    When it’s time to protect your assets through estate planning , it’s essential to work with a family lawyer who has experience in this area of the law. Your family lawyer can ensure that your estate is maximized, which helps secure your beneficiaries’ financial future. Your family lawyer in Wichita can execute a number of functions for you, including revising an existing will, creating a trust agreement, and establishing healthcare directives.

    You can hear more about the benefits of working with an estate lawyer by watching this video. This financial advisor discusses some of the drawbacks of creating trusts solely with the help of a broker, rather than an estate lawyer.