• Tips for Making a Solid, Enforceable Business Contract

    Tips for Making a Solid, Enforceable Business Contract

    Document A man may be as good as his word, but only a written business contract is enforceable in court. Should a dispute arise with a client, vendor, or business partner, having a legal contract will help your Wichita business lawyer defend you in court or seek compensation on your behalf. Here are some tips for making a solid business contract. For help drafting a clear and enforceable contract, contact your business attorney.

    Keep it Simple

    Filling a contract with legal jargon doesn’t make it any more enforceable than a contract written in plain English. In fact, clear sentences with simple, numbered paragraph headings will make it easier to point out any breaches of contract. Vendors, clients, and partners can sometimes hide behind the gray areas of complex contracts, so keep everything as straightforward as possible.

    Identify Each Party Correctly

    In order to enter into a contractually binding agreement , the contract needs to include the correct legal names of the parties involved so it’s clear who is responsible for performing the obligations and who you have legal rights against if things go wrong. If you are entering into an agreement with a business organized as an LLC or corporation, identify it by its correct legal name, not by the names of the individuals who are signing the agreement.

    Don’t Leave Anything Out

    Any good business attorney in Wichita will tell you to include anything that was verbally agreed upon in the written contract. If it’s not in writing, a verbal agreement will be next to impossible to enforce. In business and corporate law, judges usually only interpret a contract as it is, not from what the parties said to each other or agreed to without signing. If changes are made or need to be made, a business law firm can help make the changes legal and binding.