Wichita Property Tax

The Most Hated Tax

According to the Tax Foundation, the property tax is the most hated tax in America. Our property tax system is incredibly complicated, and most taxpayers are unable to understand or decipher why their property taxes increase every year. HARTENSTEIN POOR LLC has experience and expertise in handling property tax matters. The firm represents single-family, multi-family, commercial, industrial, agricultural and mineral property owners.

Ad Valorem Valuation & Assessment is an Inexact Science So Don’t Be Afraid to Protest & Appeal

The National Taxpayers Union estimates that 40% of property tax appeals result in a reduction. That’s because ad valoreum valuation and assessment systems are an inexact science. County appraisers, of course, do the best that they can with the resources at their disposal. But, with literally tens of thousands of parcels to evaluate, there are always going to be errors and inaccuracies.

HARTENSTEIN POOR LLC works with property owners to assure that valuations and assessments are fair.

Our Property Tax services:

  • Property Tax Review & Analysis
  • Due Diligence for Tax Estimating in Acquisitions
  • Informal Appeals at County-Level
  • State Appeals
  • Adjustments, Abatements & Exemptions
  • Property Taxpayer Litigation

Attorney Scott B. Poor is a consulting land use planner in addition to being an attorney. He is former Chairman of the Kansas Real Estate Appraisal Board. His multidisciplinary skill set and knowledge of local government tax policy makes him uniquely qualified to handle your property tax issues.

State Property Tax Appeals

HARTENSTEIN POOR LLC represents property taxpayers at both the state and local level. Property tax appeals start in the courthouse. If a reasonable outcome cannot be achieved, the matter must be appealed to the Kansas Court of Tax Appeals in Topeka. HARTENSTEIN POOR LLC can carry the matter through the entire process.

Helping Real Estate Developers and Property Owners Come Up With Strategies to Reduce Property Tax Liabilities

The firm works with real estate developers and property owners to come up with strategies to reduce property tax liabilities. Under certain circumstances, neighborhood revitalization plans or other special district finance tools can be utilized to mitigate property taxes. Real estate developers and property owners can sometimes negotiate PILOT (payment in lieu of taxation) payment programs when in the best interest of local government.

Agricultural & Mineral Property Tax Issues

HARTENSTEIN POOR LLC handles complicated agricultural and mineral property tax issues. Drawing on the firm’s experience in the agricultural and energy sectors, the firm is very well qualified to address concerns of property classification, valuation and assessment.

Why Choose Us?

  • Over 40 years of experience
  • Former corporate executives and senior government officials
  • Support of entrepreneurship and economic development