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The Most Important Things in Life

Wichita Family AttorneyHARTENSTEIN POOR LLC recognizes that our families are the most important things in life. The firm has an aggressive family law practice to handle adoption, custody, divorce, elder care, probate and estate issues. Attorney Eric Hartenstein has served as counsel in hundreds of domestic relations cases. He has a repution for being a skilled negotiator who understands family dynamics. HARTENSTEIN POOR LLC provides experienced, compassionate and cost-effective advocacy for your most sensitive and private legal issues.

Life Events and Asset Protection

HARTENSTEIN POOR LLC is uniquely qualified to handle divorce and estate matters involving illiquid assets such as a family-owned business, farm or ranch. A family death or divorce situation is always stressful and painful. However, the unplanned and unitended financial consequences of a family death or divorce can make matters far worse. Competent legal counsel is needed to protect your interests and assets during these highly-personal life events

Commons Asset Protection Issues in a Family Death or Divorce:

  • Division of Business or Property Interests
  • Uncovering Hidden Assets
  • Separation and Determination of Taxable Income
  • Restructing Family or Marital Asset Debt Obligations
  • Business and Property Valuation Disputes
  • Asset Liquidation

Combining the firm’s business and property law expertise with substantial family law experience, HARTENSTEIN POOR LLC is equipped to handle complicated cases where personal and financial issues are interconnected and intertwined. Our firm works closely with a network of appraisers, accountants, tax specialists and financial advisors to protect your interests and assets.

Protecting Your Family Members in Times of Crisis or Vulnerability

HARTENSTEIN POOR LLC protects the rights of your family members in times of crisis or vulnerability. Attorney Eric Hartenstein is Kansas-registered guardian ad litem with years of experience defending the rights of children in disputed divorce and custody proceedings. Attorney Eric Hartenstein has specialized experience and expertise representing the rights of grandparents and family members in contested divorce and custody battles.

HARTENSTEIN POOR LLC handles trusts, guardianships and conservatorships to provide for the needs of minor, disabled and elderly family members. We provide additional elder care legal services such as living wills, powers of attorney and government resource planning involving SSI, Medicare and Medicaid.

Preserving Your Legacy

Our attorneys can assist you with your estate planning needs. HARTENSTEIN POOR LLC specializes in serving clients with business, agribusiness or property interests. Estate plans for business families must address the dual, and sometimes conflicting, interests of assuring business continuity while accommodating for the needs of heirs who are not directly involved in the enterprise.

Probate, Estate and Trust Services:

  • Wills
  • Estate Planning & Administration
  • Irrevocable & Revocable Trusts
  • Philanthropy & Charitable Giving

HARTENSTEIN POOR LLC handles all aspects of probate proceedings and estate administration, including contests and probate litigation. HARTENSTEIN POOR LLC can provide the solutions that you need to plan for your retirement and preserve your legacy.

Why Choose Us?

  • Over 40 years of experience
  • Former corporate executives and senior government officials
  • Support of entrepreneurship and economic development