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More Than 40 Years of Experience

At HARTENSTEIN POOR LLC, we take your business seriously. We have more than 40 years of experience helping families, farms and businesses profit from economic opportunity. Our professional team is dedicated to entrepreneurship. We can help you start and grow a business. We can help protect your property and assets. In short, we can provide all the legal services necessary for you to achieve your personal, professional and financial goals.

The firm takes great pride in our:

  • Highly-Qualified Professionals
  • Comprehensive Legal Services
  • Cost-Effective Fee Structure
  • Support for Entrepreneurship and Economic Development
  • Knowledge of Regulatory Policy and Government Programs

As former corporate executives and senior government officials, we understand the obstacles that families, farms and businesses face. HARTENSTEIN POOR LLC offers the full range of legal services that business and property owners need in order to succeed.

Right Experience and Right Services for the Region

The HARTENSTEIN POOR LLC lawyers come from the area’s dominant industries – agribusiness, energy and aircraft manufacturing. They have experience specific to the needs of the region, and the firm has developed a portfolio of practice areas specific to the needs of the region.

Our practice areas include:

Whether the matter involves business structure, contracting, real estate, regulatory compliance, litigation or criminal proceedings, HARTENSTEIN POOR LLC is here to provide you with the legal solution that you need.

For the Courtroom As Well As the Boardroom

HARTENSTEIN POOR LLC professionals are qualified for the courtroom as well as the boardroom. While we’re business-oriented, our expertise is not limited to contractural and transactual matters. We’re accomplished trial and appellate attorneys, with experience handling high-profile civil and criminal cases.

Government is Friend and Foe

The firm understands that government can be both friend and foe. HARTENSTEIN POOR LLC has experience with all types of government programs, as well as all types of administrative, regulatory and criminal proceedings. We’re both an advisor and an advocate for your interests before federal, state and local government tribunals and agencies.

The Most Important Things in Life

We’re business-oriented attorneys, but we recognize that families and communities are the most important things in life. Our firm also serves our client’s personal needs, handling family, estate and philanthropic matters. We enjoy long-term relationships with our clients, and take great pride in our ability to improve their personal, as well as professional, lives.

Why Choose Us?

  • Over 40 years of experience
  • Former corporate executives and senior government officials
  • Support of entrepreneurship and economic development