• Factors to Consider When Hiring a Family Lawyer

    Unless you’ve already dealt with the difficult ins and outs of the divorce process, you may find yourself meeting with lawyer after lawyer trying to find the right fit. While meeting with a potential family lawyer serving Wichita may be time-consuming, finding the right fit is the key to a faster, less-expensive divorce. Luckily, you […]

  • What Is Public Law?

    Public law attorneys counsel cities, counties and economic development agencies on various legal matters. For example, a business law firm in Wichita can offer its experience in affordable housing, downtown revitalization, industrial development and infrastructure development matters. In handling annexation and eminent domain cases, a business lawyer involved in public law works with IRBs, TIF […]

  • The Steps of Declaring Bankruptcy

    Filing for bankruptcy shelters you from having to pay back a portion of your debts, but that doesn’t mean that all of your debts are forgiven. Following a bankruptcy discharge, you will still be responsible for paying back student loans, alimony and child support, as well as overdue taxes. The first step in declaring bankruptcy […]

  • A Look Inside the Process of Filing for Bankruptcy

    Petitioning for bankruptcy may be a long process, but with the help of a business lawyer in Wichita , it doesn’t have to be complicated. Filing for bankruptcy mostly involves filling out the paperwork correctly and approaching each proceeding in the correct order. Once you attempt to declare bankruptcy, a government employee called a trustee […]

  • Avoiding an Audit from the IRS

    If you’re a business owner, you need to pay very close attention to your financial matters, including your tax payments. An IRS audit can be a stressful procedure, even with the guidance of a tax lawyer near Wichita . To reduce your chances of being audited, your business lawyer will advise you to keep meticulous […]

  • What Do You Need to Know About Tax Law?

    If you’ve already retained the services of a business lawyer in Wichita to manage affairs that involve corporate law , you’ve made a wise decision. Your business lawyer can ensure that your company remains in compliance with all relevant regulations and he or she can provide specific guidance on certain situations as they arise. However, […]

  • Property Law 101

    Property ownership is the quintessential American dream and it’s often a smart investment decision, given that land typically rises in value. Yet, when you become a landowner, you are subject to a spectrum of obligations and liabilities. It’s a good idea to consult a property lawyer near Wichita to help you sort through the regulations. […]

  • Choosing the Right Lawyer for Your Situation

    It’s unfortunate that many individuals only contact a business lawyer when they have a legal problem. Partnering with a business law firm in Wichita sooner, rather than later, can help you minimize or avoid problems altogether. However, it isn’t always easy to select the right business lawyer to suit your needs. Plan on investing a […]

  • A Look at Business Bankruptcy

    Unlike individual petitioners, businesses cannot file for bankruptcy without consulting with a business tax lawyer serving Wichita . Failure to seek business attorney representation can lead to charges of unlawful practice of law. However, before consulting with a lawyer, the business needs to gather certain pieces of financial information. In this video, a business attorney […]

  • What Are Section 1031 Transactions?

    Section 1031 exchanges allow someone to trade investment properties on a tax-deferred basis. These transactions don’t have to involve identical types of property, so someone can swap an apartment building for a shopping center, or a piece of empty land for an office building. To ensure proper execution of a Section 1031 transaction, the filer […]