Administrative, Regulatory & Criminal Defense in Wichita

We’re the Lawyers to Call When You Have a Problem With a Government Agency

HARTENSTEIN POOR LLC handles all types of administrative and regulatory matters. We handle issues related to licensure, permitting, regulatory compliance and regulated industries. Attorney Scott B. Poor has experience and expertise dealing with administrative appeals at the federal, state and local level. He has highly-specialized experience handling USDA and HUD appeals. Attorney Eric Hartenstein, as a former manufacturing executive, has thorough understanding fo occupational health, safety and environmental rules and regulations. HARTENSTEIN POOR LLC brings this knowledge and credibility to the table in any administrative or regulatory proceeding.

Any administrative or regulatory case begins with an internal investigation and compliance audit. Because HARTENSTEIN POOR LLC has real-world experience, we understand how to look at your business’s books and operations. We prepare internal controls and corrective actions to assure that your administrative or regulatory problem doesn’t happen again.

Disciplinary Proceedings

HARTENSTEIN POOR LLC handles business and professional licensure and disciplinary proceedings. We represent real estate, technical, legal and health care professionals. Our attorneys recognize that a disciplinary complaint can damage a professional reputation. We provide a comprehensive and aggressive defense service to protect your credential and your livelihood.

Enforcement Actions

Our attorneys serve as defense counel in all types of administrative and regulatory enforcement actions. We handle consumer protection claims against telemarketers and timeshare developers. We handle issues related to liquor licenses. And, we have experience handling environmental enforcement actions against energy and agricultural producers.

When It Comes to Handling Your Criminal Defense, Experience Counts

Attorney Eric Hartenstein is an experienced criminal defense attorney with a successful track record for handling high-profile federal cases. And, attorney Scott B. Poor is a former Assistant Attorney General and General Counsel to the Kansas Parole Board. When it comes to handing your criminal defense, experience counts.

Criminal Defense Services:

  • Fraud & Embezzlement
  • Financial Crimes
  • Tax Evasion
  • Government Investigations & White Collar Crimes
  • Environmental Crimes
  • Alcohol & Drug Offenses

Our lawyers are skilled at pre-indictment and pre-trial investigations, and develop effective defense strategies shaped by their knowledge and experience. Presenting a strong defense early may discourage the prosecutor from filing charges. HARTENSTEIN POOR LLC believes that we succeed when we keep our clients out of the courtroom. We are tough negotiators for settlement and plea bargain. However, if the matter must go to trial, we’re capable trial attorneys who can defend your rights and protect your interests.

HARTENSTEIN POOR LLC manages every criminal case, regardless of whether it’s a traffic offense or a felony charge, with the same high-level of discretion and professionalism. We recognize that a criminal case can be a humiliating and painful ordeal. We are sensitive to your privacy and personal needs.

Why Choose Us?

  • Over 40 years of experience
  • Former corporate executives and senior government officials
  • Support of entrepreneurship and economic development