Wichita Agribusiness Law

Owning and operating a business is a very complicated affair. The HARTENSTEIN POOR LLC professionals come from the corporate sector, having held executive positions in the area’s dominant industries – agribusiness, energy and aircraft manufacturing. They understand how this economy works. And, they understand that legal problems can mean the difference between profit and loss. For help making sense of the law and how it applies to your enterprise, consider hiring the business and agricultural lawyers at HARTENSTEIN POOR LLC.

Hire a Business Leader as Your Business Lawyer

As former corporate executives, the firm’s professionals know that it’s better proactively manage risks than to reactively deal with unintended consequences. They can advise on legal structure, deal structure, financing, insurance, compliance programs and agreement that mitigate potential problems and pitfalls. Your business is your livelihood, and the business attorneys at HARTENSTEIN POOR LLC are available to protect your investments and interests.

  • Business Structure: It’s essential for your business to be properly structured. Issues of liability, finance, tax, regulation, permitting and licensure must be considered. Having the wrong business structure undermines your ability to secure credit and manage risks. And, having the wrong business structure almost always creates unexpected problems in the future.

  • Transactions, Contracts and Agreements: Once upon a time, businesses made deals with handshake. Unfortunately, the world has changed. Contractual obligations are highly technical and complicated, and your business needs professional guidance to assure that terms and conditions are consistent with your intent.

  • Mergers and Acquisitions: Growth of your enterprise might require merger or acquisition of another business. Such transactions are never as simple. You need counsel who can structure a deal that makes sense. Also, you need counsel who knows how to sell your business when the need arises. A business attorney with actual business experience is needed to handle issues of due diligence, valuation and finance.

Agribusiness Lawyers Who Understand Commodity Based Economies

Agriculture is the backbone of the Plains economy. The agricultural lawyers of HARTENSTEIN POOR LLC have rural roots, and they’ve worked directly in agricultural production and value-added industries. Most lawyers can read the law … but few lawyers have the real world experience needed to determine how the law helps or hurts your agribusiness enterprise. The agribusiness lawyers at HARTENSTEIN POOR LLC proudly serve farm and ranch interests.

  • Government Programs and Regulatory Issues: To agribusiness, government is both friend and foe. There are government programs available to help finance investment and manage risk. However, there are also countless environmental and regulatory policies that make life difficult for the agriculturalist. Experienced counsel is needed to guarantee compliance, and also to make sure that no opportunities are missed.

  • Agribusiness Planning: You have to run your farm and ranch like a business. This means careful tax and financial planning for your enterprise. For your legacy, estate and succession planning must be an ongoing process to keep up with change in law and tax code. Your operation and family deserve the comfort of having expert advisors.

  • Property Matters: Agriculturalists rely on the land for their livelihood. Real property is also your primary tool for wealth accumulation. Issues like property taxes, farm leases, mineral leases and collateralization must be reviewed in order to preserve and protect your most important asset.

The business lawyers and agribusiness attorneys at HARTENSTEIN POOR LLC have over 40 years of experience serving the Wichita metro and surrounding rural areas. If you have a legal matter you’d like to address, call our Wichita office at (316) 262-5161 to set up an appointment.

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