Our Practice Areas in Wichita

Business & Property Attorneys Serving the Wichita Metro & Surrounding Southern Plains Region

The HARTENSTEIN POOR LLC lawyers come from the area’s dominant industries – agribusiness, energy and aircraft manufacturing. They have experience specific to the region. And, the firm has developed a portfolio of practice areas specific to the needs of the region.

Our practice areas include:

Our portfolio of practice areas is intended to provide the comprehensive legal services that families, farms and businesses need in order to benefit from economic opportunity.

Comprehensive Legal Services as Corporate Counsel

HARTENSTEIN POOR LLC enjoys long-term relationships with its clients. In many instances, our attorneys serve as corporate counsel for mid-sized enterprises that need access to a knowledgeable lawyer, but cannot employ a full-time in-house counsel. Attorney Scott B. Poor has served as corporate counsel to renewable energy, manufacturing, and real estate firms in recent years. HARTENSTEIN POOR LLC offers alternative fee arrangements to make comprehensive legal services as corporate counsel available at a reasonable price.

For the Courtroom As Well As the Boardroom

HARTENSTEIN POOR LLC professionals are qualified for the courtroom as well as the boardroom. While we’re business-oriented, our expertise is not limited to contractural and transactual matters. We’re accomplished trial and appellate attorneys, with experience handling high-profile civil and criminal cases.

Our Practice is Defined by Relationships, Not Subject Matter, and We Specialize in Serving Client Needs

Unlike many law firms, we do not seek to become practitioners of a narrow legal speciality. Our practice is defined by relationships, not subject matter. The simple goal of HARTENSTEIN POOR LLC is to provide the legal services that our client’s need. We seek to become long-term trusted advisors. And, we are committed to expanding the scope of our services whenever a client need arises.

Our lawyers have broad experience in business, government and finance. We’re flexible, multi-disciplinary professionals with the requisite skill set to serve your interests at every stage of your business’s growth.

The Holistic Approach to Representing Your Business

HARTENSTEIN POOR LLC takes the holistic approach to practicing law. The firm aims to serve the whole business enterprise. HARTESTEIN POOR LLC doesn’t look at your legal problems as a microcosm. Rather, we look at all your legal needs, and find the right solutions to accomplish your personal, professional and financial goals.

Why Choose Us?

  • Over 40 years of experience
  • Former corporate executives and senior government officials
  • Support of entrepreneurship and economic development