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Property Law and Property Tax

You’ve worked very hard for your property. For most Americans, real property is the most important tool for wealth accumulation. However, with ownership of property comes certain obligations and liabilities. For help in preserving and protecting your most important asset, consider hiring a skilled property or property tax attorney from HARTENSTEIN POOR LLC.

Lawyer Who Understand Real Estate

HARTENSTEIN POOR LLC handles the full spectrum of real estate, development and property law services. This is a law that understands the real estate business. HARTENSTEIN POOR LLC personnel have substantial knowledge of real estate finance. A successful real estate lawyer needs to know how to read spreadsheets as well as contracts. Our property lawyers have a deep understanding of appraisal and valuation processes. The firms understands collateralization and securitization, and can fully assist with lender negotiations and loan applications

  • Land Use & Zoning: Land use law is a specialty that few lawyers understand. An adverse land use decision can detrimental to the value of your property. Lawyers practicing in this area must have a solid background in planning and environmental regulation.

  • Transactions: Property transactions can become very complicated. Qualified legal counsel is critical if you want to take advantage of tax deferral.

  • Distressed Assets: Only an attorney with substantial business experience can handle workouts, restructuring, refinancing and bankruptcy issues.

The Most Hated Tax

Property tax is the most hated tax. Our property tax system is incredibly complicated, and most taxpayers are unable to understand or decipher why their property taxes increase every year. HARTENSTEIN POOR LLC has experience and expertise in handling property tax matters. The firm represents single-family, multi-family, commercial, industrial and mineral property owners.

  • Appeals: County appraisers often make mistakes, and sometimes the state fails to recognize various exemptions. If you believe that your property tax is unjust, you need competent counsel to file an appeal and have the tax reduced.

  • Abatements & Exemptions: There are a number of abatements, exemptions and others programs that allow property owners to reduce their tax liability. However, such programs require careful planning. The experience and expertise of a property tax attorney is needed to take advantage of these opportunities for tax savings.

If you have any questions about property law or property taxes, call HARTENSTEIN POOR LLC of Wichita at (316) 262-5161. We would be honored to help you protect what’s yours so you can continue to live a comfortable life.

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