How Can an Attorney Help Your Agribusiness?

Crop If you own a farm or ranch, you know you have to run it like a business in order to maintain a successful enterprise. Like any business owner, farmers and ranchers can benefit from the counsel of an experienced business lawyer, especially one who is well-versed in agricultural law. An agribusiness attorney in Wichita will serve your interests by offering legal advice on government programs and regulations, property matters, and agribusiness planning.

While there are government programs available to financially assist farmers and ranchers, there are also environmental, labor, and regulatory policies that can restrict day-to-day operations and ultimately affect the bottom line. An agricultural lawyer will ensure that you remain in compliance with the law and will pursue any government benefits that may be available to you. Farmers must also protect their real property, as the land is their livelihood. You can rely on an agribusiness attorney to handle such property issues as farm and mineral leases, collateralization, liens, water rights, property taxes, and more. A lawyer with experience in both agriculture and business can also assist with financial planning, succession planning, and tax filing to preserve the ongoing health of your agricultural enterprise.