Employment Law Issues Businesses Face

Employment Law Issues Businesses Face Businesses must comply with an array of various regulatory requirements that concern employees, from the safety of the workplace to the proper firing of employees. Since employment law is highly complex and multifaceted, it’s in a business owner’s best interests to work with a business lawyer in Wichita. A business attorney can review the company’s policies and procedures to ensure they are fully compliant, and can alert the owner and supervisors as to best practices.

Hiring and Firing Procedures

Allegedly inappropriate or discriminatory hiring and firing procedures form the basis of thousands of complaints submitted to state agencies and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). As your business lawyer can inform you, even if your company is scrupulous in adhering to proper hiring and firing procedures, the mere appearance of discriminatory practices can result in a litigation nightmare. Your business attorney can advise you as to proper documentation in all hiring and firing procedures to protect your company from these claims.

Wage and Hour Issues

Another common challenge with regard to business law is wage and hour issues. For example, even if your business rigorously complies with the federal minimum wage, you may fall afoul of the law if your state mandates a higher minimum wage. Your business may also run into legal trouble if your employees are only paid for their scheduled hours, despite regularly starting and ending work outside of those constraints.

Discriminatory Incidents

Employers are subject to both federal and state discrimination and harassment laws. Your business lawyer can review your anti-discrimination policy to ensure it is in full compliance with both state and federal laws. Many discrimination complaints have been filed on the basis of age discrimination, sexual harassment in the workplace, race discrimination, and gender discrimination.

Safety Regulations

All employers are required to follow safety protocols to maintain a safe working environment. Your business lawyer can advise you as to the OSHA requirements for your particular industry, and can help you establish clear guidelines and enforcement procedures for your employees.