Trusted Attorneys & Advisors in Wichita

HARTENSTEIN POOR LLC provides legal services to families, farms and businesses in the Wichita metro and surrounding Southern Plains region. The firm’s professionals come from the corporate sector, having held executive positions in area’s dominant industries –‐ agribusiness, energy and aircraft manufacturing. They understand how this economy works. And, they understand that legal problems can mean the difference between profit and loss.

HARTENSTEIN POOR LLC is a trusted advisor. As former corporate executives, the firm’s professionals know that it’s better to proactively manage risks than to reactively deal with unintended consequences. They can advise on legal structure, deal structure, financing, insurance, compliance programs and agreements that mitigate potential problems and pitfalls.

HARTENSTEIN POOR LLC understands that government can be both friend and foe. The firm serves as a guide to land use, permitting, licensure and regulatory compliance. The firm’s partners are multidisciplinary professionals with credentials in planning, real estate and finance. The firm has unique expertise in property tax, tax credits and incentive finance. Additionally, the firm has unrivaled experience with USDA, EPA and HUD policies and programs.

HARTENSTEIN POOR LLC is an advocate. The firm has experience and experience handling with high–‐profile civil and criminal cases. Adversarial proceedings are always handled with the utmost level of competence, confidentiality and professionalism.

HARTENSTEIN POOR LLC is business–‐oriented, but the firm’s professionals know that families and communities are the most important things in life. They handle highly personal issues such as adoption, divorce, elder care and estate planning. The firm believes that it is a lawyer’s duty to help others. They are dedicated community activists with a particular interest in education and affordable housing. The firm proudly represents charitable, political and public sector clients that are working to our region a better place.

Why Choose Us?

  • Over 40 years of experience
  • Former corporate executives and senior government officials
  • Support of entrepreneurship and economic development